Consumers’ attraction to organic products rising

Waling, Feb. 6: It has been found that attraction of the people towards the consumption of organic products has increased lately. People’s interest in organic food has increased as it has direct health benefits and is also delicious to eat.

In the festival held in Waling of Syangja, earthworm manure, which is considered important for organic farming, has become the centre of attraction. Many people who come to the fair are getting information about the importance and use of the manure. Waling Product Holding Multipurpose Cooperative is commercially producing earthworm manure in Waling Municipality-8.

Yam Bahadur Gurung, chairman of the Cooperative, said that stalls of earthworm manure and local products have been set up at the festival so that there is information for everyone and the number of organic farmers can be increased. 

According to him, many people who come to the fair are interested in getting information about the use of manure and its benefits.

He said, “We have used this opportunity for the marketing of earthworm manure. 

People who visit the fair are interested in it and seek information.”

He said that those who come to the fair also receive importance and get information about local products, which are being protected and promoted by the Cooperative.

Chairman Gurung said that the Cooperative has been working for the protection and promotion of 56 types of local crops. The Cooperative established in the year 2077 BS with the main slogan of “Encouragement of Waling Product Holding, Identification of Waling Residents in Local Products” has been working on organic farming and marketing of products in villages since its inception.

Netra Prasad Subedi, vice-chairman of the organisation, said that the organisation was established with the aim of developing a modern, commercial, sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural sector from an agriculture-based economy to an agro-based industry.

According to the Cooperative, it is increasing its activities by adopting the slogan “From Crop to Plate, from Shed to Lip”. 

Bhuparaj Bagale, secretary of the Cooperative, said that among the conservation and promotion work of the cooperative, there are five types of paddy, namely Pakhe, Jarneli, Anadi, Kalo Jhinua, Rato Jhinua and local Jhetobudo.

The Cooperative is working to support the farmers by giving seeds and marketing the products produced by the farmers. 

The Cooperative has been doing productive work in collaboration with Waling Municipality, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Diyalo Foundation. The 8th edition of Waling Festival, which is being held at the Waling Stadium, will continue till February 11, 2024.

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