‘Security system be strengthened for promoting good governance, social justice and prosperity’

Gandaki, Feb 2: Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has said effective mobilization of the local administration and security apparatus is the key basis for achieving the ‘good governance, social justice and prosperity’ goal.     

Inaugurating the Gandaki Province-level Security Seminar 2080 in Pokhara today, the Home Minister maintained that it is necessary to strengthen the security system even for fulfilling the economic, social and physical development goals adopted by the State, effectively managing the services of public concern.     

The provincial level security seminar is organized jointly by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Gandaki Province.     

Stating that all the State bodies have a paramount role in maintaining good governance by controlling corruption, the DPM and Home Minister underscored on the need of preparing a ‘results-oriented clear work modality’ to minimize the conflict of interest seen in the works.     

He added that the conflict of interest related to the authority and jurisdiction of the civil servants and the security personnel did not send a positive message. The DPM and Home Minister directed the civil employees and the security personnel to carry out their works in keeping with the principle of ‘citizen first’ that calls for being guided as per the provisions of the constitution and the laws, for promoting institutional and professional coordination and collaboration and for building a culture of collective and individual accountability.     

Pointing out that both opportunities and challenges have increased with the implementation of the federal system, he said the changes in the governance system and technology has impacted various dimensions of social life. DPM Shrestha stressed on making the mobilization of local administration and security bodies more effective by increasing coordination amongst the three tiers of government. He also expressed his confidence that the targeted results would be achieved from the seminar.     

The Home Minister further said all the security bodies have a crucial role to play for enhancing public faith towards the government by creating convenient environment for the country’s economic prosperity through strengthening of local administration and security system.     

He clarified that as per the constitution, the Ministry of Home Affairs is assigned with the responsibility of protecting the life and property of the general public, ensuring adherence to the rule of law, protecting human rights and maintaining social stability and regulation of the open market. According to him, the Ministry is, together with the provincial and local governments, consistently carrying out works for good governance, stability and development.     

Noting that the transition of implementation of federalism was still not over, the DPM and Home Minister said although the political and institutional basis for the full implementation of the federal Nepal’s governance system has been created, works related to administrative, legal and procedural topics partly remained to be carried out.     

He reiterated that the government is moving ahead in carrying out the remaining responsibilities of the transitional phase in an effective manner.     

Stating that the first priority of the home administration and people’s main expectation is to maintain good governance, peace and social harmony, DPM Shrestha mentioned that dillydallying in service flow, non-transparency, irresponsible behaviour, impunity and corruption have become major challenge for the same.     

He directed to move ahead implementing zero tolerance provision to organised crime, extortion, control of human trafficking and dismissal from service to anyone connected with criminals.     

Sharing that a large number of citizens have been cheated and some of them have become homeless due to financial crime, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that control of illegal financial transaction based on cooperatives, social network and internet as well as fraud taking place in greed of foreign employment has become major challenge.     

He pointed out the need of initiatives of all including three-tier of governments, general people, service providers, regulatory bodies to protect property and lives by maintaining road good governance, adding local administration should play leading role for the same.     

DPM Shrestha urged to carry out activities in a planned manner after making action plan to control illegal activities including durg abuse, preservation of natural and historical heritages and control of illegal trafficking of small weapons.     

 Similarly, Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Surendra Raj Pandey, said although Gandaki Province shares borders with China and India, it has not been able to get expected benefit from it.     

He mentioned that there is a provision of taking approval of the federation to mobilize the amount allocated by the province government.  Secretary at the Home Ministry, Dinesh Bhattarai, and Secretary Yamuna Pradhan, shared the information about the initiatives taken to maintain peace and security in the country.(RSS)

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