“Flying Over the Himalayas – Nepal-Shandong Culture Week” and “Qilu Scenic Spot” Photo Exhibition

Kathmandu:   The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nepal, Nepal National Tourism Administration, Binzhou Culture and Tourism Bureau, Binzhou Photographers Association, Nepal-China Friendship Forum, and Nepal Media Photojournalist Federation “Flying over the Himalayas – Nepal/Eastern Mountains (Binzhou) Culture Week” and “Qilu Scenic Spots” photography exhibition hosted by , Binzhou City Cultural Center, Binzhou City Museum, and Binzhou City Art Museum were held at the Nepal National Tourism Administration. 

Xie Yu, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, Regmi, CEO of Nepal National Tourism Administration, Gao Liang, Chairman of Nepal-China Friendship Forum, Hari Prasad Regmi, Chairman of Nepal Media Photographers Association, Shiva Adhikari, Chairman of Nepal Rafting Association, Su Xue, the honorary public relations representative of the Nepal Tourism Administration in Shandong, Li Zhenping, chairman of the Binzhou Photographers Association, as well as Nepali friends, local media reporters, and 35 photographers from Binzhou, Shandong attended the opening ceremony and watched the exhibition.

Xie Yu, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, and Legmi, CEO of Nepal National Tourism Administration, lit the lights and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony .

In order to promote the folk cultural exchanges between China and Nepal, deepen the exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations, promote the friendship between China and Nepal, and showcase and promote Nepal and Shandong through photography, the Binzhou Photographers Association held a conference in Shandong Photographers Association, Binzhou City This event was launched under the guidance of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles. This cultural week activity, firstly, uses photography to show Nepali friends the style of “Beautiful Qilu” and “Binzhou on the Bank of the Yellow River”, so that the people of the two countries can have a deeper understanding of each other’s ecological landscape and cultural connotations, and enhance mutual relations.

The second is to start a 7-day photography creation activity in Nepal by photographers from Binzhou, Shandong. After completing the creation, the “Flying Over the Himalayas – Nepal in My Eyes” photography exhibition will be held in Binzhou; the third is to jointly organize ” Binzhou Friendship Love Without Boundaries” Binzhou Photographers Association and Bottle House Orphanage Love Friendship Activity, photography volunteers went to the orphanage to participate in public welfare volunteer services.

Participants watched the “Qilu Scenic Spots” photography exhibition together. Counselor Xie Yu accompanied the guests to watch the exhibition carefully, and carefully introduced China’s “Shandong highlights” in the pictures to Nigerian friends.

Shandong has a rich historical and cultural heritage and abundant natural resources. In recent years, Shandong has strived to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China’s excellent traditional culture, focused on strengthening the construction of a strong province with international communication, and in-depth development of international sister cities, sister schools, and friendly enterprises. , Friendly Media, Friendly “Five Friends” external propaganda, Shandong is increasingly becoming an important window for the world to understand Chinese civilization and an important carrier for global civilization dialogue. 

Binzhou is a shining pearl in Shandong, attracting international attention with its unique natural scenery, economic development, and cultural landscape. This “Qilu Scenic Spots” photography exhibition selects the most representative ecological landscapes and cultural tourism photography works from all over Shandong. It aims to let Nepali friends understand the scenic spots in various parts of Shandong, China, and appreciate the land of Qilu through the lens of photographers. It has a unique charm and also shows “Binzhou on the Bank of the Yellow River” to Nepal.

Gao Liang, Chairman of the Nepal-China Friendship Forum, introduced the efforts and results achieved by China and Nepal in friendly exchanges and cultural tourism in recent years.

Regmi, CEO of Nepal National Tourism Administration, introduced the situation of Nepal’s tourism and expressed his gratitude to Chinese-friendly people for their efforts and achievements in cultural tourism.

Li Zhenping, chairman of the Binzhou Photographers Association, introduced the Cultural Week affairs and exhibition situation.

Hari, Chairman of the Nepal Media Photographers Federation, and Shiva Adhikari, Chairman of the Rafting Association, made exchange speeches.

The Nepal Media Photojournalist Federation exchanged cultural gifts with the Binzhou Photographers Association.

The Nepal National Tourism Administration awarded Su Xue a medal for outstanding contribution to Nepal’s tourism.

“People with culture can unite their souls; people with art can communicate with the world more easily.” Cultural exchanges are an important way to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples. The implementation of this event will further enhance the relationship between the cities of China and Nepal. Exchanges and cooperation in the cultural field will attract higher-level cultural and artistic exchanges, stimulate the unremitting pursuit of a better life between the two peoples, and will also promote the development and cooperation of tourism, trade, and investment between the two countries.

Courtesy: Binzhou Daily/Binzhou Net News

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