we are seriously reviewing the alliance with Congress: Deputy Gen-Secretary Pun

Rolpa: Deputy General Secretary of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center), Barsha Pun, has indicated that they are seriously reviewing the alliance with the Congress party following the results of the National Assembly elections in Koshi Province.

While providing training to Maoist representatives and district-level leaders in Rolpa, Pun commented on the loss of confidence in Congress by their alliance. He stated that in every election, we have voted for Congress with honesty, but the sequence of Congress betraying us had repeated.

‘The results of the National Assembly elections in Koshi Province have brought a new dimension to national politics. In the current situation, we are reaching a point where we need to seriously review the alliance with Congress,’ said Pun. ‘We need to ask ourselves, what has the alliance with Congress brought us politically? Are we gaining or losing? We have always voted for Congress honestly in every election, but how long will Congress continue to defeat our candidates?’ Pun added.

Previously, the leadership within the Congress party had been blamed for internal factionalism and power struggles, causing divisions and showing dissatisfaction. However, this time, Pun indicated that he would not compromise.

Two years ago, Pun recalled an incident where Congress had been dishonest by not giving votes to the UML candidate in the National Assembly from Koshi. He also pointed out that despite a wise decision to form an alliance with Kedar Karki in the Maoist-CPN coalition, Congress had betrayed them. ‘Even two years ago, we saw a trend of Congress working against us, despite forming an alliance. We witnessed the same trend when Kedar Karki was made the Chief Minister of Koshi,’ said Pun.

He expressed concern that Congress does not apologize for inflicting harm on them repeatedly and criticized the internal disorder and political misconduct within Congress. Pun also sought a review of the political behavior within Congress leadership, highlighting his dissatisfaction with the situation.

Similarly, Pun mentioned that the threats from Congress in Koshi would be discussed in the coalition meeting. In the recently concluded National Assembly elections, the coalition of power nominated former Congress General Secretary and ex-home Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Maoist Champadevi Karki as candidates. Although Sitaula emerged victorious, Karki was defeated by Rukmini Koirla of the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist).”

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