Monarchy to Republic: Lok Raj Baral’s New Book Revealed

Kathmandu: During a period when the political debate centers on the question of a return to monarchy, ardent republican Professor Dr. Lok Raj Baral has written a book titled ‘Monarchy to Republic’. He maintained that republicanism is the current way of life and that monarchy is now a thing of the past.

A book published by Lok Raj Baral titled “Nepal From Monarchy to Republic” was jointly released at an event in Kathmandu by former president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and former prime minister Baburam Bhattarai.

At the book unveiling were also Madhesh activist Tula Narayan Shah together with three generations of Professor Baral’s pupils, Krishna Khanal, Krishna Hatthecchu, and Dr. India Adhikari.

Former President Dr. Yadav, in a conversation with Madhak Maharjan from Mandala Book Point, advises young Nepalese to read Professor Baral’s book in order to comprehend the country’s political development and past.

In addition to highlighting the book’s significance, Dr. Bhattarai says readers will find it so engrossing that they may read it in one sitting. Renowned political scientist in the area Professor Baral provides an in-depth analysis of Nepal’s shift from monarchy to republic.

Professor Khanal emphasised several key points in the book and said that it is a reliable and succinct resource for academics and students who want to learn about the political development of Nepal.

The book was praised by Professor Krishna Hathechhu as a great tool for understanding the highs and lows of Nepal’s political history.

According to Dr. Indra Adhikari, a young political scientist, this book serves as an eye-opening resource for Nepal’s younger generation to appreciate the key political events of the previous two centuries.

Tulanarayan Shah, a Madhesh activist, stated that Professor Baral has offered a succinct and objective summary of Nepal’s important political events.
A large number of people from various backgrounds came to hear Professor Baral speak about his book, which he began writing five months ago. Professor Baral noted during his lecture that Madhav Maharjan, the proprietor of Mandela Book Point, regularly urged him to do this work.

In his opening remarks, Maharjan stated that, among Professor Baral’s many publications, this latest volume gives crucial information in a succinct way.

The book has been published by Rupa Publication and is now available for purchase.

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