Up to five years are spent under the rule of Prachanda: Shashank Koirala, NC’s leader

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress leader Dr. Shashank Koirala has stated that there is currently no possibility of a change in government. Speaking with journalists in Chitwan, he mentioned that although there has been some dissatisfaction within the ruling coalition, there is currently no possibility of a change in government.

He said, “In my view, the Prachanda-led government can last for up to five years, and I feel that way.” Emphasizing the importance of stability, he mentioned that only stability can make development possible in the country. He reiterated his stance that there should not be any infighting within the party.

He also mentioned a past incident where he had broken away from Prachanda due to some misunderstandings but clarified that it does not mean he considers Prachanda an ordinary person. He pointed out that the possibility of aligning with the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center) again does not exist due to the bitterness between the two parties.

He expressed concerns about the ongoing political turbulence in Nepal and indicated that the Nepali Congress should stand alone now. He said, “Congress should go it alone until it finds someone to align with; for now, we have to stay united.” He added, “In my view, even if Congress becomes a big party, it would have been better if it had taken the opposition’s leadership.”

He emphasized that it’s time for the real Congress to emerge, saying, “History is strong, principles are good, and Congress must play an important role in bringing about change.”

He also pointed out the weakness in leadership in recent times. While good ideas are essential, he stressed that a change in style is needed for the party to move forward. His argument was that even with good ideas, the party could move forward if there was a change in the approach.

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