Remnants of discrimination still exists in society: MP Hajara

Kathmandu, Sept 10: Member of Parliament Prabhu Hajara joined the Communist Party three and a half decades ago to end discrimination against the Dalit community in the society. He currently represents the CPN (UML) in the House of Representatives after being elected under the proportional representation (PR) election system. MP Hajara says that there was a lot of discrimination in the society towards the Dalit community in the past but many changes have taken place at present. In a dialogue with RSS, MP Hajara said, “Society has changed a lot. Compared to the past, untouchability and discrimination are less, but the remnants still remain. I am sure it will end soon.” Also a central member of the party, MP Hajara expressed the view that the principle of proportional inclusion should be fully followed in all structures of the state by making new laws in accordance with the norms and spirit of the Constitution. He also suggests a separate reservation system for women and Dalits in the upcoming general elections scheduled for 2084 BS. He said that even though the federal parliament is the main forum for making laws to run the country, because the government did not give business the responsibility of making laws has not been fulfilled. “If the government wants to go ahead together, the House will not be blocked. The demands and issues of the main opposition parties should be addressed in time to resolve the issues”, he said. A parliamentary committee has to be formed to investigate the issues related to corruption such as Lalita Niwas, Bhutanese refugees, gold scam. He also emphasized the need to speed up the lawmaking process by bringing the necessary bill to end corruption and promote good governance. Pointing out the need for extensive reforms in the current election system for political stability and prosperity in the country, MP Hajara said that a monitoring mechanism and effective laws are needed to reduce the expenditure in elections. Expressing somewhat satisfaction with the role he has played in the House as a representative of the people so far, MP Hajara expressed sadness over weak response to the demands and issues raised for the public interest regarding water, irrigation, fertilizers among others. –––

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