Sita Dahal, who was overwhelmed by family troubles and the flames of war

In a book named “Sita Dahal, Life partner of Prachanda,” Sharda Sharma has authored the account of the bravery, kindness, and tenderness of Prachanda’s wife, Sita Dahal. After over 50 years of marriage, Prachanda, Lewade of Kaski, and Sita of Hemja eventually crossed paths in Chitwan. Even though Sita Dahal has been semi-conscious for the previous two years, she was unable to talk as she lay next to Prachanda in bed. However, Prachanda had a strong faith in her and would often claim, “My beloved Sita is still with me.” Today, the flame of trust has been quenched.

Son Prakash Dahal, Mother Sita Dahal and Daughter Gyanu KC (Left from the Right)

The last time Prachanda became the Prime Minister, I met Aunty Sita Dahal in her residence Khumaltar, next day. That is what I remember. The atmosphere was joyful, but I had difficulty spending even half an hour there. I had no idea that Aunty knew that his husband had become the Prime Minister for the third time.

Funeral ceremony of Sita dahal, at Aryaghat Pashupatinath, Kathmandu.

Sita Dahal has undergone a great deal of suffering and fortitude. Only three of us (Aunty, Sharda, and I) happened to be present for a prolonged period of time in the waiting area of Om Hospital when sister Gyanu (Sita’s eldest daughter) was drawing her final breath.Sharada and a mother were sharing their emotions as Sharada helped her daughter take her last breath, possibly for the first time ever. Even there, I had to leave when I could no longer endure to listen. Sharada was regarded by Prachanda and Sita Dahal as their older daughter Gyanu from the moment they were introduced to her. treated as a daughter at all times.

Author Sharada Shama with Sita Dahal.

During the time when the Left Alliance formed and elections were underway, the ABC team reached in Gitangar, Chitwan, the constituency of Prachanda. She was unable to stand due to an unexpected health situation. Her one leg was not able to take steps. During the ongoing election, it was conducted by going to India for health Check-up.

Unimaginably, during a time when only Aunty and brother Prakāśh remained at residence in Kathmandu, Prakāsh departed from this world. Once again, Prachanda was only stopped from traveling across the country and was limited to Chitwan. At that moment, when there were only the two of us, I heard the depths of Prachanda’s sorrow within his heart. But still, Prachanda’s immense courage propelled him forward.

PM wife Sita’s mortal remains lit the funeral pyre with husband Prachanda and two daughters.

The demise of brother Prakash has left Aunty in inconsolable grief, unable to rise from sadness. Prachanda might not have left any one unturned in his role as a husband, but he couldn’t do anything remaining in the role of a husband in the treatment of his beloved wife. Event hough, most of the unofficial meetings Prachnda used to take place in Khumaltar (residence/home) at her bed side. The question was that Prachanda’s intention was to find him to live with her for the longest possible time.

Prachanda’s anguish is not confined to expressing the pain of losing four family members, including his father, nor is it only about writing; it is about not bringing an end to 16 years of armed struggle and beginning the peace process. In addition to warning against speculating about anyone, there is nothing sad to say to other people.

Sita Dahal’s with her family members.

After returning from treatment in United states, both Sita Aunty and Sharada underwent a long conversation. At the time when Prachanda became the Prime Minister for the first time, it was Aunty’s long visual biography prepared by Shararda sharma, which was televised in ABC Television exclusively.

As a result, she compiled a concise biography titled “Sita Dahal, Life parner of Prachanda” in the form of book. Seeing that book, Sita Dahal was so emotionally moved that she couldn’t utter a word. However, she couldn’t read that book either. The light in her eyes had become very weak.

(From right) Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Sita Dahal and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a meeting at Goa on Saturday, October 15, 2016. Photo Courtesy: Prakash Dahal

Prime Minister Prachanda’s wife Sita Dahal passed away at the age of 69 on Wednesday, 12 Jyly 2023 at a hospital. According to the hospital, she breathed her last at around 8 AM in the morning of the Wednesday. About to six years ago (i.e. on 3rd Mansir 2074BS) , the only son of Sita Dahal, Prakash Dahal, also declared of his death there. Sita was also an exemplary character for every mother who can understand how her son’s love is. Sita was ready to bear and do anything for her son’s happiness. Sita, who was never able to recover after the loss of her son, passed away from this world after suffering a state of unconsciousness for almost two years. Sita had a modest and gentle nature. Although she spoke less, her words had a profound impact on party members and leadership when she spoke in the interest of the party and leadership.

After Sita’s marriage, her life was surrounded by family troubles, and at the age of 38, Prachanda, in his capacity as the party leader, declared the People’s War. Following that, for the next ten years, Sita endured the dark clouds of death hanging over her constantly. Even after eight years of the peace process, Sita continued to face numerous family difficulties and troubles. Sita, a woman who may have served as a mediator between Prachanda and Baburam during the party’s conflict throughout the war, was unable to ease the tragedy that befell their family.

In almost every part of the country and many congested streets of India, Sita Dahal, who is known for her simplicity, has never been seen overwhelmed by the pleasures of power. Sita, who was only literate, had a unique understanding of the world and social interactions. In that absence, there is no other alternative for the Prime Minister, who is also the spouse of the deceased, Prachanda, to ensure peace for the departed soul and stand by the people until the last moment.

Our family developed a deep personal relationship with Sita Dahal and Prachanda’s family. Especially with Prachanda, right from the beginning of Peace process . We have an informal and familial connection that went beyond being political leaders and journalists. Prachanda openly discussed his internal matters with us and engaged in conversations. Naturally, we also shared our joys and sorrows with Prachanda and Aunty Sita. Within the Maoist Party also revolved around jealous and conflicts to our relations time and again .

However, we have never had any issues between us. Perhaps I have directly criticized Prachanda’s wrong steps at times. Prachanda has never taken my criticism as opposition. In fact, his weakness exposed by Aunty Sita’s criticism has only encouraged me even more to provide critique.Moreover, Aunty Sita’s criticism of Prachanda’s weaknesses has actually motivated me even more. hat is the reason why our relationship has remained selfless and boundless until today. Sisters Renu and Ganga have never placed any hinderance or queries in our unique bond.

Sita Aunty has been on an illness for three years.For the past two years, she has not been able to speak properly and has also been partially paralysed. It has caused deep pain in my heart.Today, we all are missing a simple and sincere mother. We have lost the main trusted companion of Prachanda. No one can fulfill the absence of Sita Aunty completely. However, there is no alternative to enduring all the sufferings of life in order to move forward.

After the demise of her elder daughter, Gyanu, due to cancer in 2070 BS . Sita Dahal’s political activism decreased significantly. She no longer sought an active role for herself in the party and did not express the desire to actively participate. Despite being with Prachanda for almost 54 years, Sita Dahal completely dedicated herself to being a companion and supporter of Prachanda during this time.

Prachanda gave a final honor to Sita. Daughter Renu and Ganga also lit ‘Dagbatti ‘with him. Prachanda was trying to leave the bandit and cry, but he couldn’t. But he looked like he was trying to calm down after crying for hours. Sita Dahal, who was known for her role as a parent within the maoist Party, passed away on Wednesday, when her husband, Prachanda, served as the Prime Minister of the country for the third time without being involved in any controversy. Prime Minister Prachanda, who has experienced the separation of his two children, is currently going through a separation from his wife.

Goodbye, Aunty Sita Dahal. History will definitely remember you as a courageous and humble woman, an ideal mother as well kind human .

Heartfelt condolences to dearest Sita Aunty .

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