300 more people in Rurugaun, Kalikot, affected unidentified disease

KaliKot, July 7 : After the spread of an unidentified disease in Tilagufa 10, Kalikot district, a team of three doctors and nine health workers from the Tilagufa Municipality Hospital conducted health examinations and distributed medicines to 311 patients on Friday.

Symptoms such as fever, throat and ear pain, tonsillitis, skin rashes, and numbness in the hands were observed after the spread of an unidentified disease in the village. A medical team including doctors from Tilagufa Municipality and District Hospital conducted examinations and distributed medicines to the patients in Ruru Gaun on Friday.

A 13-year-old girl, Karma Thapa, had died on Wednesday due to the disease spread in the village, and other patients were also reported. Doctors’ opinions have indicated that laboratory tests could not confirm the specific disease.

After receiving information about the outbreak in the village, Dr. Tank Prasad Acharya from Tilagufa Municipality Hospital, Dr. Ramananda Chaudhary from the District Hospital, and a team of health workers, including Dr. Dandaprasad Nepal, reached the village on Friday.

“There are sick people in the village. We are providing medication,” said Dr. Acharya from Tilagufa Municipality Hospital. He informed that health examinations were conducted on 311 patients, including children, and medicines were provided. The crowd of patients still remains despite the provision of medication. The camp will also be operated on Saturday.

During the examinations conducted, samples of 9 patients’ blood were collected for confirmation of the disease, according to Information Officer Katak Mahat of the Health Service Office, Surkhet.

He mentioned that the majority of patients are women and children. On Friday, 194 women and 117 men underwent health check-ups and were provided medication. Among them, 206 were children under the age of 15. He mentioned that although many patients were present, they all had similar symptoms.

The headmaster, Bharat Bahadur Singh, informed that the school has been closed from Friday at Mahadev Mavi, where the health camp was being operated. According to him, the health camp will also be conducted in the school on Saturday.

Ruru Gaun, which lies 18 kilometers south of the district headquarters, is considered severely affected. Munbahadur Thapa, the chairman of Ward 10 in Tilagufa, informed that although a team had been dispatched from the district headquarters and the municipality hospital on Thursday, only the chairman had reached the village on Friday morning.

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