The ‘Prince’ of Mustang, accompanied by 300 horses and 50 vehicles, returned with the bride

Kathmandu July 4 : On Monday, a public farewell was given to the ‘son of the king’ in Lomanthang Village Municipality in Mustang as he celebrated his wedding.

This is the wedding of the son of the historical, cultural, and religious king Jigme Sita Palbar Bista of Mustang.

The wedding of Prince Jigme Dhrubho Palbar Bista, son of King Jigme Sitti Palbar Bista, took place in Taplejung. The chairman of Lomanthang Village Municipality, Tasi Nharvu Gurung, informed that the groom, Prince Rajkumar, returned with the bride from Taplejung to the new palace today.

Lomanthang Village Municipality has made arrangements for approximately 300 horses and 60 vehicles for the welcome of the groom, Prince Rajkumar, and the bride. Chairman Gurung said, “The groom has returned from Taplajung. Before reaching the new palace, the village municipality has made arrangements for two or three horses and 50-60 vehicles for the welcome.”

The wedding celebration will take place in the Lomanthang Village Municipality area along with various programs. The village municipality chairman, Tasi Nharvu Gurung, informed that the wedding celebration will continue for three days.

On the occasion of the wedding, all offices and educational institutions were given leave on Monday. In Lomanthang, Prince Bista will be honored with the title of king and respected in various religious and cultural festivals.

Jigme Singhi Palbar Bista was the last king of Mustang. His reign lasted for 44 years, from 1964 to 2008. Following the declaration of republic democracy, royal powers were abolished, and monarchy came to an end here as well. Jigme Singhi Palbar Bista belongs to the Lo dynasty and is the son of King Angun Tenzing Trandulka’s queen.

Aama Pal Royal Mustang Resort started

Earlier former Mustang Prince Jigme Singha Palbar Bista has established the Aama Pal Royal Mustang Resort in Lomanthang. After the establishment of republic democracy, the inactive royal family has ventured into the hotel business.

The operator of the resort, which has been established to facilitate domestic and foreign tourists visiting Upper Mustang, explained that from the month of Asoj last year, a resort has been established with an investment of around 9 crores.

This resort is the first of its kind in Upper Mustang. Facilities such as internet, heater, and hot springs are available in this hotel. After the road access, the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Upper Mustang has increased.

The attraction of Upper Mustang lies in its clayey hills, unique architecture, picturesque landscapes, and mesmerizing natural scenery, as well as caves. Lomanthang Darbar, where the former royal family resides, is also an additional attraction. After being affected by the earthquake, the reconstruction work is still ongoing.

The historical Lomanthang Darbar is also a major attraction. Raju Bista, the chairman of Dalome Rural Municipality, expressed that the resort operated by the former royal family will contribute to the promotion of tourism in Upper Mustang.

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