New coalition: strange drama the name of ‘national consensus’

Kathmandu Feb 25 : The alliance between the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist), which came together two years ago, has taken another turn in just two months. After Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda was not ready to give up the presidency even after agreeing to become prime minister with the gently of 10 Push, politics has taken another turn.

Eight parties have reached a consensus to make a Congress candidate the president, addressing national issues. After the meeting held at Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar on Friday, leaders of Congress, Maoist, Unified Socialist, JSP, LSP, NUP, Janamat, and Janamorcha reached an agreement.

According to the Secretary-General of Unified Socialist, Beduram Bhusal, an agreement has been reached to give the vice-presidency to JSP. “In the meeting held on Friday morning, the old alliance was broken and the decision was made to take the first step and bring all parties together. The consensus was reached with Congress as President and JSP as Vice-President, with the leaders of JSP, LSP, Janamat, and Unmukti present in the evening,” Bhusal said.

Congress leaders say that the agreement became easier after Prime Minister Prachanda was flexible in bringing JSP president Upendra Yadav to the parliament. Yadav wants to reach Parliament through the by-election by making Ramsahay Prasad Yadav, the MP elected from Bara-2, as the Vice President. In the last general election, he was defeated by Janamat President CK Raut in Saptari-2.

Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa claimed that the new alliance will complete the entire five-year term as the agreement made now is between party-party rather than leader-leader. Instead, a government formed in a coalition with UML and Maoists could have brought a series of instability. Because that alliance was not formed before the election,” said Thapa, “Not being able to maintain the alliance in Push 10 was our weakness. The work to correct that mistake has begun. After this agreement, the examination of the Congress, Maoist, Samajwadi and other parties has started.

Congress General Secretary Vishwaprakash Sharma has said that the political course has changed since the 4th of Mansir. “We cannot ignore the mandate that the people gave in Mansir by changing the alliance to elect the President,” Sharma said. He argued that in that election, the voters had cooperated again between the alliances they had recognized, including political legitimacy. “We asked for votes for this alliance for 10 years, but temporary problems arose in between,” Sharma said. “Now that alliance has been revitalized.”

The CPN-UML has said that it understands the change in the alliance made by the CPN (Maoist Centre) as breaking the previous agreement. UML Deputy Secretary Pradeep Gyawali said that the decision to change the alliance has thrown the country into endless instability. “Politics is just a matter of power-sharing, and anything can be done for that purpose, which has weakened the credibility of some leaders,” Gyawali said. “This has raised questions about their trustworthiness.”

The Maoist senior vice-chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha has stated that the Congress, the largest party, has agreed to support the presidential candidacy of the candidate from their party in order to complete the process of achieving protection and peace. “Our conclusion is that it would be appropriate for the Congress, the largest party, to support the presidential candidate who will move forward in supporting the need to reach consensus on some issues of national importance,” Shrestha told Nepalpage. “By doing so, we hope to create an environment that contributes to the completion of the current process of protection and peace.”

Janamat Secretary-General Chandan Kumar Singh has also expressed confidence in the new alliance to fulfill the demands of his party. “It was necessary to form a loose and broad political alliance. The presidential election has formed an eight-party alliance by involving democratic forces,” he said. “The inclusion of the Nepali Congress has made the new alliance more complex. We hope that our demands will be heard through the new alliance.”

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