Ministers have no right to speak against federalism, republic: PM Prachanda

Kathmandu, Jan 24:  Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has made it clear that it is not appropriate for the government ministers to protest against federalism and republican set up.

PM Prachanda said so while addressing a meeting of the National Assembly (NA) Tuesday.

The Prime Minister highlighted that any speech against constitutional provisions such as federalism and republicanism by a sitting government ministers can also be a matter of clarification.

“Federal democratic republic and federal inclusive democracy constitute fundamental characteristics of the new constitution. These have been achieved through a big sacrifice and struggle, and this has been accepted by the Nepali people and we all through the Constituent Assembly (CA),” said the PM.

It is known there was struggle from the beginning over federalism, democracy and republic. It is also clear there was no unison on republic and proportionally inclusive representation. However, following a movement by a heavy majority of the people and sacrifices of so many people, a situation for republic and federal structure emerged, and the country moved toward this direction which culminated in the promulgation of the new constitution. Republic and federal structure have been constitutionally established, and while it is being implemented scant efforts have been made to question the new polity. Now, a member of this House told us all that a member of the Council of Ministers has spoken against federalism and for dissolving it. Although I have not heard the minister’s saying myself, my attention has been drawn to it because a lawmaker has said it here. On this, let me make it clear. Political parties and lawmakers have rights to make public their views to people when they are not in the Cabinet. But, no government minister has moral right to speak against federalism and democratic republic neither they have legal ground to do so. Doing this can be a matter of clarification, said PM Prachanda.

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