RPP President Lingden, made corrupted contractor Pandey a minister

Kathmandu – Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 14th congress of the Nepali Congress parry on December 24 last year, RPP President Rajendra Lingden said, ‘When the workers in the village try to gather a crowd saying that our leader has come, come to Chautaro(Chowk), people do not ask which leader has come, they say which one is a thief. This is the state of politics.

It has been exactly one year and one month. Prachanda is the Prime Minister saying that the people do not consider the leader as a thief, Lingden has taken the oath of the Deputy Prime Minister that the leader is known as a thief. Moreover, he has also made Vikram Pandey, the corrupted contractor who stalled the development contract, as the urban development minister. While the contract taken by Pandey’s Kalika Construction has not been completed on time.

Just as the RPP made Pandey a minister, theRastriay Swatantra party has made manpower agent Dor Prasad Aryal the minister of labour. Also, party chairman Ravi Lamichhane, who is undergoing the case in the Supreme Court on the citizenship dispute, is the leader of the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is investigating the dual citizenship issue. In the name of running a coalition government, Prime Minister Prachand depreciated good governance and agreed to the distribution of posts.

19 contractors affiliated with various construction companies were elected in the House of Representatives and province Assembly elections held in November. There are 8 contractor MPs in the House of Representatives and 11 in the Provincial Assembly. One of these, Pandey, has been given the responsibility of the Central Ministry of Development and Construction, where the budget for the current financial year is 32 billion 791 million rupees.

According to Road Department sources, Kalika Construction has taken a contract worth around 13 billion rupees for building bridges and roads. “This account is only for the contracts under the Roads Department, there are many contracts under the Ministry of Urban Development, Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation,” said an official of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Kalika Construction is the same company that was accused of 8.5 billion corruption by stalling the Sikta irrigation project. Well, the special court has acquitted the case against 21 people including Pandey, the time for the authority to appeal to the Supreme Court has not passed. “It is understood that the authority is in the final preparation of the appeal,” says Gauri Bahadur Karki, the former president of the special court, “There is a lot of possibility that the incumbent minister will put pressure and influence on the government base to stop the appeal or change government documents.”

There is dissatisfaction within the RPP regarding making Pandey the urban development minister in a conflict of interests. General Secretary Dhavalshamsher JBR said that he was also surprised. “Many people claimed to become a minister, since no one would leave for anyone, we entrusted the decision to the party president, but I did not think that such a decision would be made,” he said, “I am also surprised to hear that Pandeji has been made the urban development minister.”

Lingden, who won votes for the RPP by taking a terrible and inconsistent ‘oath’ in favor of the law and against corruption, made Pandey a minister in a way that .surprised even his fellow leaders.

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